Hire a Low Commission Real Estate Broker to Look after Your Property Listing

April 22, 2022

Hire a Low Commission Real Estate Broker to Look after Your Property Listing

One of the largest lending companies in the USA, Freddie Mac reports that the rising home prices have resulted in homeowners ending up with substantial home equity. Many homeowners may tap into this equity and either refinance their mortgage or use the cash for other purposes.

Some smart property owners may also consider selling their property to take the maximum advantage and move to a more economical or upscale locality.

These Homeowners are looking for low commission real estate brokers who can list and sell their properties at minimum cost and commissions. These homeowners want to cash on the opportunity offered by low-interest rates and make a smart move.

High realtor commissions and real estate brokerage in Houston, Texas is still a pain point for most homeowners who wish to buy or sell properties. The conventional rates of up to 6%, in some cases up to 10%, eat away most of your profits due to capital appreciation.

Therefore, everyone is looking for a reliable and full-service 2 percent real estate agent. Low commission real estate brokers and agents are gaining popularity because they offer a full range of services at an affordable rate. This makes it a win-win-win proposition for the seller, the buyer, and the agent.

For example, for a property deal of $100,000, at a 2% commission, your brokerage would be only $2,000 compared to $6,000 to $10,000 with conventional brokers. You stand to save up to $8.000 which will increase your profits.

At HouseHoldRebate.com, you’ll get the service from a team of local and experienced real estate agents. You will get the entire bouquet of services, including:

  • Comparative Market Analysis or CMA to professionally reach an accurate price quote for the property.
  • Professional photography and videos shot in 3D for propping up property listings on MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, and many other websites.
  • Placing the “For Sale” sign in the front yard.
  • Preparing, printing, and distributing Marketing material including flyers and placing print ads.
  • Targeted Social Media Marketing (SMM) and digital marketing.
  • Staging the property for prospective buyers.
  • Installation of Digital (Supra) Lockbox on the door for easy access.
  • Concierge service to showcase the property.
  • Price negotiations.
  • Hassel-free completion and filing of paperwork.
  • Drawing up and registering the contract.
  • Acts as personal transaction agent and represents you on the team of title Escrow Agents.

How Does a Real Estate Agent Work?

Realtors or real estate agents are not paid any advance by the property buyers or sellers. Once the deal closes, they get a commission on the deal value at an agreed-upon rate.

To earn their dues, the real estate agents make all-out efforts to close the deal at the most attractive valuation.

Listing Agreement

A contract called the listing agreement authorizes the real estate agent to represent the homeowners in any deal on their behalf. Once the agreement is signed, they can find buyers, negotiate, and fill up the paperwork to the satisfaction of both parties.

The real estate agents also show the potential buyers around the property on sale, conduct open houses, and help reach an understanding.

Conventional agents charge anywhere between 4 to 6 percent and could go up to even 10%. With 2 percent real estate agents, you stand to save substantially.

What Do Real Estate Brokerage in Houston Charge?

Orthodox realtors and real estate brokerages have their set ways and are out of sync with the changed realities of the world. They typically charge a 6% commission on the sales price of the house or the property.

For these services, the homeowner agrees to pay a commission at a rate specified in the listing agreement.

Low Commission Real Estate Broker in Houston TX

Houston is fast becoming the home to low commission real estate brokers in Houston. These brokers and 2 percent real estate agents offer full services at rock-bottom rates.

At House Hold Rebate, we do not offer occasional rebates on commissions. We offer all-time low commissions to our clients without compromising on the quality of service. Our 2 percent real estate agents would offer you all the services mentioned above with complete dedication.

Flipping your property as soon as possible and at the highest price is in their best interest too.

The experience, alertness, attentiveness, service, and rates all make our real estate brokerage in Houston the most promising service provider.

You can contact our real estate agents today to start a proper valuation of the property with realistic expectations for its realizable value. With an estimate, you can start the process of listing the property and leave all the work of handling queries to our agents.

Finding a Realtor in Houston, Texas?

If you are looking for an experienced low commission realtor in Houston TX, contact the Jay Thomas Real Estate Team at HouseHoldRebate.com. We effortlessly help people find the best deals for selling and buying their dream homes.

Contact us now at +1 832-889-5607 or drop an email at jay@buywithjaythomas.com.

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