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Our Home Buyer Rebate Program in Texas

You're just one step away from purchasing your dream home while saving thousands of dollars. With our home buyer rebate program, you can receive a 50% rebate of our commission, putting a significant amount of cash directly into your pocket at closing.

Our rebate program has already benefited thousands of home buyers in Texas. Imagine purchasing a home worth millions of dollars and enjoying even more savings at closing. Our rebate program is exclusively available for newly constructed homes, making us the ideal choice for first-time buyers seeking newly built homes.

Jay Thomas and his team will connect you with qualified sellers, ensuring a smooth and efficient purchasing process. When you buy a home with us, you'll receive full-service support, with our agents handling all paperwork and negotiations on your behalf until the final transaction.

Our rebate program is available across most cities in Texas, excluding areas where buyer's agent commission refunds are prohibited by law. Contact our team today to make your home buying experience seamless and enjoyable.

6 Easy Steps - 50% Buyer Rebate

We can help you buy what you are looking for with our 6 Easy Steps - 50% Buyer Rebate

  • Step 1: Choose Household Rebate
    Step 1: Choose Household Rebate

    Thanks for thinking of Household Rebate for your real estate needs. Take a peek at our FAQs for all the details you might need. And if you have any questions, just shoot us a message. We're here to help you figure out if Household Rebate is the perfect match for your real estate plans.

  • Step 2: Get pre-approved
    Step 2: Get pre-approved

    Getting in touch with a lender to secure prequalification or preapproval is really important. Once you've got your pre-approval letter or proof of funds all set, just shoot it our way whenever you're ready. And if you're looking for suggestions on lenders, don't hesitate to give us a shout. We're here to lend a hand!

  • Step 3: Research
    Step 3: Research

    Selecting a preferred area and driving by the homes you're interested in is a great way to ensure they meet your expectations. Remember, when you're ready to visit your top choices and submit a reasonable offer promptly, just give me a call. If you're considering new homes, be sure to mention my name, Jay Thomas with eXp Realty, to the sales representatives as your buyer's broker. Let's find your dream home together!

  • Step 4: Contracts
    Step 4: Contracts

    When you're set to go ahead with a solid offer, we'll sort out all the paperwork. We'll draft an offer and buyer-broker agreement for your review. Once you're good with it, we'll handle electronic signatures and send your offer to the listing agent. We'll be with you throughout, ironing out the price and terms together. And if any concerns crop up during the inspection, we've got your back. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

  • Step 5: Inspections
    Step 5: Inspections

    Of course, we've got your back throughout the entire process. Need help finding a good inspector? We've got you covered. Need inspections to go smoothly? We'll make sure they do. And when it comes to sorting out repair requests, count on us to handle negotiations with the seller's agent. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

  • Step 6: Close with Household Rebate
    Step 6: Close with Household Rebate

    A few days before closing, you'll receive a statement detailing your rebate credit and the net amount required at closing. On the closing day, you'll receive the keys to your new home, and you'll be pleasantly surprised to find yourself thousands of dollars richer, thanks to choosing Household Rebate. Unlike traditional buyer's brokers who retain the full 3% commission or listing brokers who keep the entire 6%, you'll enjoy significant savings with us.

BUY NEWLY CONSTRUCTED HOMES- Join the list of Home Owner's receiving Rebate up to 50% at the closing cost.


How it works!

  • Get the keys to your new home along with a Real Estate rebate to apply towards your closing costs, which can be thousands of dollars. Call Texas's top REBATE Realtor.
  • The Federal Government is in favour of Real Estate Rebate Programs, making this practice a legal one “because it makes buying a home more affordable” See the link Justice Department Encourages Buyer Rebates because it makes buying a home more affordable.
  • This rebate does not influence the price of the house, but it’s a benefit provided from our commission side to the customer.
  • Full disclosure and consent are given to all parties involved and reflected on the closing statement.
  • All customers, including, sellers, lenders and the title escrow company are notified about our intention of providing a 50% Real Estate Rebate that comes absolutely out of our own commission.
  • Real Estate Rebate is perfectly legal and authorized by the Justice Department.
  • How it works!
  • Buyer Purchases Home for $400,000
  • Sellers Pays 6% Commission*
  • Commission to Jay Thomas Real Estate 3%=$12,000
  • Jay Thomas Real Estate Rebates 1.5% or $6,000 to Buyer at closing
  • Purchase Price
  • $200000
  • $300,000
  • $400,000
  • $500,000
  • $1,000,000
  • $5,000,000
  • Buyer Rebate
  • $3,000
  • $4,500
  • $6,000
  • $7,500
  • $15,000
  • $75,000



    Seeking the best buyer rebates in Texas? Here's why you should hire us to purchase your dream home:

    • Experience a unique real estate agent commission rebate that ensures you secure the best deal on your new home. We'll rebate 50% of our commission back to you at closing, giving you the opportunity to even treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation to celebrate your success! It's undeniably one of the best buyer rebates in real estate history!
    • A devoted, licensed professional offering a comprehensive range of services, from searching and evaluating to negotiating the purchase of the property. Sit back, relax, and let us handle everything for you!
    • Data derived from the most recent market trends and forecasts.
    • Gain access to unlisted properties, expanding your selection and providing you with a wider range of homes to choose from.
    • We manage all paperwork and logistics associated with the purchase, ensuring a seamless process for you.

    Purchase your home with us and receive YOUR REBATE!

    Discover the Most exclusive properties in TEXAS FOR sale

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    • 6730 Ackley Dr Humble, TX 77396
      For Sale


      6730 Ackley Dr Humble, TX 77396

      1.50 Lot Acres

    • 5227 Norborne Ln Houston, TX 77069
      For Sale


      5227 Norborne Ln Houston, TX 77069

      Single-Family, 5 Bedroom(s), 3 Full & 1 Half Bath(s), 4,745 Sqft. ($120/Sqft.), 11,360 Lot Sqft.

    • 1305 Town Cir #4 Baytown, TX 77520
      For Sale


      1305 Town Cir #4 Baytown, TX 77520

      Townhouse/Condo - Townhouse, 3 Bedroom(s) 2 Full & 1 Half Bath(s), 2,052 Sqft. ($73/Sqft.), 2,000 Lot Sqft

    • 16602 Parliament Dr Houston, TX 77083
      For Sale


      16602 Parliament Dr Houston, TX 77083

      Single-Family, 4 Bedroom(s) 2 Full & 1 Half Bath(s), 2,447 Sqft. ($137/Sqft.), 12,779 Lot Sqft

    • 1326 Ward Rd #5 Baytown, TX 77520
      For Sale


      1326 Ward Rd #5 Baytown, TX 77520

      Townhouse/Condo - Townhouse, 2 Bedroom(s) 2 Full Bath(s), 1,173 Sqft. ($115/Sqft.), 2,000 Lot Sqft.

    • 16402 Skeet Ct Houston, TX 77489
      For Sale


      16402 Skeet Ct Houston, TX 77489

      Single-Family, 3 Bedroom(s) 2 Full Bath(s), 1,418 Sqft. ($169/Sqft.), 7,776 Lot Sqft.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Certainly! In many cases, you can receive a rebate from the real estate commission when you purchase a home or property. This rebate is typically offered by your real estate agent or brokerage and is a portion of the commission they earn from the sale. It can help offset some of your closing costs or provide you with cash back after the purchase. However, it's important to note that rebate regulations vary by state, and some states may have restrictions or limitations on the amount of rebate that can be provided.

    Yes, real estate agents in Texas are allowed to offer commission rebates to buyers. This practice is legal and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). However, there are specific guidelines and regulations that agents must follow when providing commission rebates. These include disclosing the rebate to all parties involved in the transaction and ensuring compliance with state laws and TREC rules. It's important to discuss any potential commission rebates with your real estate agent and to ensure that they are in accordance with TREC regulations.

    Home rebates give buyers a portion of the agent's commission after closing. Here's how it works: find an agent with a rebate program, buy your home with them, get a rebate after closing, and use it for closing costs or as cash back. Note: rules vary by state, and some lenders may have restrictions.

    We focus on essential services at competitive prices, without unnecessary extras. For resale buyers, we offer serious showings, contract management, negotiations, final walkthroughs, and guidance throughout. For new construction, builders handle showings and contracts, resulting in larger rebates. We review your closing statement in advance but do not attend closings or handle check delivery. Our clients value cost savings and receive substantial
    rebates at closing.

    Rebates are applied at closing and reflected on the closing statement, subject to approval by the buyer's lender for mortgage users. The 50% new home rebate is applicable to homes sold via model home salespeople using builder contracts, although it may vary for corporate listings or multiple showings/offers. Builder approval is necessary for new home rebates. For a comprehensive list of terms and conditions, please reach out to us.

    State regulations may limit or prohibit rebates, while traditional industry practices often exclude them. Some agents perceive rebates as undermining their value or attracting less desirable clients. Additionally, limited awareness about rebate options contributes to low demand.

    Only eligible home buyers who are smart, conscientious, decisive, and well-prepared qualify for the rebate program. Indecisive or unprepared shoppers do not meet our criteria

    Household Rebate distinguishes itself through its proven track record of delivering tangible results, evidenced by higher client satisfaction and better rebates.

    Yes! Rebates are legal and supported by the Texas Real Estate Commission. The FTC and DOJ have also praised rebate programs for promoting competition in the real estate industry