Home sold! At 2% Listing Fee

Payless and Get More Potential Buyers

With Jay Thomas Real Estate Team, get your home listed on the top Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) websites. Unlike the traditional agent who charges 3% for a listing, we offer a full-listing agent service for a 2 percent listing fee of the property’s sale price. While representing as the buyer’s agent, it’s only 2% in addition to the total of 2% to sell your property.

Why our 2% Listing Service is so appealing?

  • We list your properties without any hidden cost or advance payments which means more profit for you.
  • You will find your home on all major real estate listing websites, which means more Buyers.
  • We will coordinate, inspect the title company and escrow, evaluate, and manage all paperwork.
  • We click professional photographs of your property to be listed on multiple websites.
  • We use the most creative and powerful marketing strategies to increase the reach of your property listed for sale.

Get your Home Listed with Jay Thomas Real Estate Team

2% Listing Fee Seller’s Agent

  • Enjoy the Full Broker Service for 2%.
  • Saving Sellers: Save more while you sell with us.

What You'll Get....

  • Contract me today for a complimentary no-obligation market evaluation.
  • Often buyers will contact me personally unrepresented. Saving your commission.
  • If I represent the buyer, it's only 2% more for a TOTAL of 2% to sell your property.
  • No hidden cost *No payment until closing *More profit for you!
  • Maximum MLS exposure on all major real estate websites. Your house will be everywhere!
  • Stunning Professional Photography & Marketing materials attached to For Sale sign in the yard.
  • Electronic lockbox for enhanced security. We know every agent/person in your home.
  • Showing time scheduling software, disclosure software, Docusign signature technology.
  • Coordinate Inspections, Appraisal *Manage all paperwork, title company and escrow.
  • I pride myself on the most creative and powerful marketing strategies.


  • Charge 3% for a listing,and 6% total commission.
  • High Brokerage Fees. Desk Fees.Overhead.
  • Save your hard-earned Equity. Why pay more?
  • Use the same MLS to market your home.
  • Everyone knows a Realtor or has a referral recommended. Charging more than 1%.
  • Often charge other fees on top of your 6% "administrative" or "document retention".



  • Full-Service Agent Representation for a 2% fee.
  • I receive 100% commission. No Broker Split.
  • Schedule showings, open houses, and virtual tours.
  • Answer all calls, texts, emails, and questions.
  • Expert Negotiations, and Professional Assistance.
  • Realtors know the legal ins and outs of a home sale. All documents are properly prepared.
  • Keep more of your hard-earned Equity.


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The average charges of realtors are usually between 5 and 6 percent. Though, this fee fluctuates and can be negotiated over time. Since the seller agent (listing agent) and the buyer's agent split the commission, each realtor takes 3%.

A 2% commission is a fee charged by a real estate agent to list, market, and sell your home. The 2% real estate commission applies to the final sale price of your home. It saves you up to 1% on the home sale price, doesn't that sound like a lot? It can surely save you thousands of dollars for a highly-valued property.

* Do an evaluation and stage your home for sale. * Set the right price for your home. * Market your home on different real estate listing websites. * More reach to the right buyers. * Respond to the buyer's queries over calls or emails. * Take clients on a property tour. * Negotiate with all the parties involved in buying. * Do all the paperwork and disclosures.

Real estate commission rates in Texas vary, with the average being 5.49%. However, there isn't a uniform rate, and the final amount depends on multiple factors. Read on to understand real estate commissions in Texas and start your career in the field.

A 6% real estate commission has traditionally been the industry norm. Listing agents earn their 3% for crucial tasks such as accurately pricing, preparing, and marketing the home, negotiating favorable contract terms, and guiding the seller through the closing process.

The traditional standard commission for most real estate agents is 6 percent of a home's purchase price, divided equally (3 percent each) between the buyer's agent and the seller's agent. However, commission rates can vary and are negotiable between the agent and their client.

the two-family, six-bedroom, six-bathroom layout has been in high demand lately. This style of home features two separate three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartments, making it a desirable option for buyers.