Should you let a Discount Real Estate Broker sell your House in Houston, TX?

November 8, 2022

Should you let a Discount Real Estate Broker sell your House in Houston, TX?

If you are planning to sell your property, you might be wondering how much real estate commissions will cost you and whether you can optimize your profits by using a discounted broker. Will a discount broker truly save you money? Will you compromise on quality? The answer is dependent on your own situation, how much time you must devote to selling your property, and your expectations.

What is a discount real estate broker?

A discount real estate broker is a business or agent that will sell your house for a lower commission than a regular real estate agent or realtor. Discount brokerages provide basic real estate services to sellers at a pre-negotiated lower rate of 1% to 2% listing commission or a flat fee.

Advantages of working with a discount realtor

  • Low listing fee realtor: A discount brokerage may lower your commissions by up to 1.5%, or $5,250 on a $350,000 transaction, depending on the brokerage you select and the value of your house.
  • Get basic real estate services: Discount brokerages offer standard services like advertising your house in the neighbourhood MLS, general marketing services, documentation, contracting, and legal services. Some charge an additional price for additional services. The services you select are delivered through a comprehensive set of tools available on their internet platform.

Determining if a discount broker is right for you

You can make an informed choice about dealing with an agent from a discounted brokerage by investigating company websites, looking up customer reviews, and knowing about your local market conditions.

Know the Market

In a hot real estate market where properties sell rapidly, you may not need all the marketing and extras that a real estate agent typically provides to sell your home. However, if you are selling in a buyer’s market, where homeowners are vying for buyers, you may feel more comfortable working with an agent who has fewer existing clients and more time and resources to devote to your listing.

Locate a brokerage that serves your region

Discount brokerages service certain geographic areas, so look for one in your neighbourhood. Selecting one that has experience working with properties comparable to yours in the neighbourhood may make you feel more at ease as a seller. Depending on what you are searching for, you can use the terms ‘discount real estate broker’, ‘low listing fee realtor’ or ‘real estate agent commission rebate’ plus your location. Moreover, a lot of brokerage websites will identify the regions they serve or will let you enter your ZIP code to view the alternatives for agents in your area.

Comparing prices and payment methods

When comparing potential brokers, compare their fees vs the standard 5%-6% commission. If they charge a flat rate, you should think about what this means for the price of your house. For instance, 5% of a $250,000 house equates to $12,500 in commission fees, of which 50% go to the real estate agent who represents the client. To save money in this situation, the flat cost would have to be lower than the $6,250 that a listing agent would ordinarily receive.


Traditional agents charge 3% for a listing, and 6% total commission whereas Jay Thomas Real Estate Team gives full-service agent representation for a 2% fee. We receive 100% commission and there is no broker split. With us, you can keep more of your hard-earned equity. We list your properties without any hidden cost or advance payments which means more profit for you. You will find your home on all major real estate listing websites, which means more buyers.

At Jay Tomas Real Estate Team, we will coordinate, inspect the title company and escrow, evaluate, and manage all paperwork. We click professional photographs of your property to be listed on multiple websites and we use the most creative and powerful marketing strategies to increase the reach of your property listed for sale. Why wait? Call us at +1 832-889-5607 or simply fill out the form present on contact us page and get a discount in real estate brokerage to sell your house in Houston, TX.

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