16 Great Reasons For Moving to Houston, Texas

June 7, 2022

16 Great Reasons For Moving to Houston, Texas

Table Of Content

  1. Cost of Living in Houston More Affordable Than in Other Major Metropolitans
  2. Booming Job Opportunities in Houston
  3. Easy Housing Options in Houston
  4. Affordable Home Ownership in Houston
  5. Access to Good Schools and Top Houston, Tx Universities
  6. Houston is a Heaven for Food Lovers
  7. Self-caring Houston Culture
  8. Enough Outdoor Space and Activities to Enjoy in Houston
  9. Houston has the Friendliest Neighbors
  10. Houston is a Delight for Families
  11. No Income Tax in Houston
  12. Houston is a Hub of Many Fortunes Companies
  13. Houston Offers One of the Finest Healthcare Facility
  14. Be a Part of Cultural Diversity in Houston
  15. There are Hundreds of Activities to do in Houston
  16. Houstonians Strong Spirit

Houston city offers a lot to its people, and there is a lot of information that people should know before moving to the city. Houston has seen rapid growth over the years and has attracted many people, making it the most populated city in Texas and the fourth-largest city in the United States. Every day, hundreds of people are relocating to Houston, Texas, and it’s believed that the city will be home to millions of people in the next few years.

why move to houston

Houston has become a perfect place for many people due to its low cost of living, vibrant lifestyle, cultural diversity, multiple job opportunities, hot weather, and of course! Heaven for food lovers. However, Houston, classified for its humid subtropical climate, vulnerability to floods, traffic congestion, and long commute, can be a challenge for many people who prefer moderate weather.

In this guide, we will cover the reasons why Houston has gained more attention from families and singles and how Houston’s overwhelming experience has brought different ethnic groups under one roof, making it the most ethnically and linguistically diverse city in the country.

While Houston has many pros, we’ll also be discussing some of the cons if you decide to relocate to Houston. Through this guide, let’s take you close to the facts “Why to Move Houston”

1. Cost of Living in Houston More Affordable Than in Other Major Metropolitans

cost of living in houston

The cost of living in Houston is quite affordable and less when compared to its neighbor Dallas and Austin, and other major metropolitan cities like New York and San Francisco. Where sales and property taxes are a little high, the no-state income tax policy gives residents or high salaried employees the benefit to save more money in the bank. Houston can be a bit expensive if you travel every day from the neighborhood for the job. But living close to the workplace can save you on Gas and commute time.

Middle-class people and median salaried employees will be able to enjoy every flavor of Houston city lavishly. You can own big houses or rented apartments with the best amenities at a very affordable cost and can live a quality life with your family and friends.

Cost of Living Pros and Cons:


  • No State Income Tax
  • You can buy a home at an affordable price
  • Less expensive than Dallas and Austin
  • Diverse metropolis


  • More property and sales tax
  • Insurance cost is slightly more
  • Grocery is expensive
  • Transportation is costlier

2. Booming Job Opportunities in Houston

Houston is an ocean of job opportunities making it a hub of job seekers. The various industries like Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Biomedical science, Renewable energy sources, and tech have become a selling point for the city. The city is headquartered by more than 500 fortune companies and has opened doors of employment opportunities for millions of people, such as engineers, scientists, and medical professionals. Once identified as America’s top city for employment, Houston still holds to it.

The city is home to the largest medical center in the world. Graduates and medical professionals from all over the world come to the Med center for different positions at many hospitals, including the famous MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Booming Job Opportunities in Houston

If you live and work in Houston, it’s common to witness offices and businesses close to residential housing. The skyrocketing economic growth of Houston provides a quality of life, a positive environment and job security to the majority of people.


  • 500+ fortune companies
  • A large number of job opportunities
  • Good salaries
  • Strong Economy

3. Easy Housing Options in Houston

The geography of Houston is widely spread, with many residential neighbourhoods and suburbs. The Locations in Houston are geographically marked, either being inside or outside the Interstate 610 loop. The 610 loop separates Houston from its neighboring housing communities.

easy housing options in houston

The inner loop includes downtown Houston, suburbs, and pre-world War-2 residential neighborhoods. The Housing inside the loop consists of newly constructed dense apartments and townhouse developments. The inner loop is home to different activities, games, new restaurants, city parks, museums, and theatres. The outer loop of Houston is more suburban where single-family homes are standard. Many major business districts such as Uptown, and Westchase lie outside the urban core.

Before you decide to move to Houston or a neighborhood, search which location is nearby to your workplace and provides the daily amenities. Purchase a luxurious home or affordable homes and apartments in renowned areas like the famed west university neighborhood or Rice Military neighborhood and walkable woodlands neighborhood.

4. Affordable Home Ownership in Houston

The wide range of properties and reasonable cost is one reason that attracts the attention of many people to buy a home in Houston. The cost of living is another reason that makes Houston a destination where people can enjoy a big city and suburban lifestyle. In Houston, the middle segment price of the house is under $200k, and the houses have enough space to accommodate small or big families.

If you are thinking of buying a home inside the loop, it’s going to cost you more than those outside the loop or in the neighboring suburbs. Over the past few years, the underdeveloped areas inside the loop have seen tremendous development turning into trendy urban communities.

Though relocating to Houston, selecting the neighborhood, and purchasing the home can be a critical decision for some, using a Houston property seller agent is generally the right way to find a home for the right price. Realtors usually have all the information about the properties in Houston. Sometimes the houses that are priced less, and look beautiful from the outside have either recently flooded or have a higher risk of flooding.


  • Wide range of properties
  • Affordable home cost
  • Enough home spaces


  • Some areas prone to floods
  • No Zoning Laws

5. Access to Good Schools and Top Houston, TX Universities

Access to Good Schools and Top Houston, TX Universities

Families moving to Houston metro or in the neighborhoods can provide the top level of education to their kids due to strong school systems. The HISD (Houston Independent School District) is honoured by the US News Best High School report and has a reputation for its strong AP program and the bundle of available resources for the students. HISD is the largest in the state of Texas and operates more than 290 private schools and more than 13 institutes for higher education.

The availability of Top-rated universities in the state has provided many options to students for Secondary education. Now students can qualify from the most respected universities like Rice University and Houston university. Rice University is located in the medical center and West U.


  • Availability of many Schools & Universities
  • Top-class education level

Top Universities of Texas:

  • The University of Texas — Located in Austin, TX
  • Texas A&M — Located in College Station, TX
  • Texas Tech University — Located in Lubbock, TX

6. Houston is a Heaven for Food Lovers

Houston is a Heaven for Food Lovers

If you are a food lover, then this probably should be the first reason to move to Houston. Houston is a heaven for food lovers. From iconic barbecue and Tex-Mex to exotic dishes, you can taste all the incredibly delicious food served in over 11000 restaurants. Just think of your favourite cuisine, and you will find it in the city. The city features ethnic cuisine from all over the world like Asian, continental, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Class American Vegan, Thai, and Southern cuisine. Taste Houston’s most famous mouth-watering dishes by the award-winning chef – James Beard.

Some exotic and delicious dishes that can make you feel hungry most of the time include chicken fried steak, Viet-Cajun crawfish, kolache, fajitas, and more. Just imagine eating every day at a new restaurant thought-out the year and still not running out of options? Isn’t that a food wonderland for foodies?

There is never a dull moment in the Houstonian’s nightlife. Houston has so many pubs, cafes, cocktail bars, and high-energy clubs, and every place has its particular aura and serves food for every taste. Find out the list of the places in Houston where you can eat yummy food and grab yourself a drink.

Places to Eat Delicious Food in Houston:

Places to Enjoy Drinks in Houston:

7. Self-caring Houston Culture

Houstonians live a healthy lifestyle, and if you’re moving to Houston, be ready to be a part of a healthy lifestyle. The city has ample outdoor space to take a walk, run, jog and do yoga under the open sky. If you don’t like the city’s warm weather, you can find yourself some nice indoor CrossFit, Gyms and Yoga studious.

Houston city also hosts some high endurance events like marathons and Ironman. Athletes can be part of these sports hosted every year. The Woodlands and Galveston both host the Ironman Texas event. The city hosts Chevron Houston Marathon in the month of January, where more than 30,000 runners participate.

After a tiring workout session, you can enjoy the amazing massages in the city. You can visit places like River Oaks Advanced Bodywork to get refreshed.

Find the list of some top workout spots in Houston:

Find the list of some top places to Run or Walk in Houston:

  • Memorial Park
  • Hermann Park
  • Buffalo Bayou Park
  • TC Jester Park
  • White Oak Bayou Park
  • Spots Park

8. Enough Outdoor Space and Activities to Enjoy in Houston

Enough Outdoor Space and Activities to Enjoy in Houston

Houston is one of the biggest cities in the United States, with more than 45,000 acres of the area acquired by parks. Families and Individuals can walk, jog, run, play, talk, relax and picnic in the lush green areas and open spaces. Many restaurants and bars feature outdoor dining and patios during January due to the pleasant weather in the city.

The Houston weather is hot and humid, but the city also receives the most rain in Texas. May, June, and July are the rainiest months in Houston. Keep sunscreen locations in your bags if you stay outside for a long time in the summers. Additionally, be prepared for the hurricane season (June 1- Nov 30) that usually hits Houston and at times causes damage.

Looking at the Pros, Houston is a beautiful and happening city with many outdoor entertainments. Don’t miss visiting the most famous outdoor areas in the city- the 445- acre Hermann Park and Tranquillity Park in Downtown Houston.

9. Houston has the Friendliest Neighbors

It’s not easy to find a suitable location for your home. Every city and suburb has its limitations, pros and cons and geographical parameters. But you have to look at which location has more factors to consider for settling with the family. One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a home in your neighborhood. People show more interest in the areas with the best neighborhoods and communities, a perfect fit for their family and safety. Here is a list of the locations that are considered as best neighborhooods of Houston:

Houston’s Best Neighborhoods:

  • West University
  • Memorial
  • East Downtown
  • Spring Branch
  • The Heights
  • Bellaire
  • Museum district
  • Tanglewood
  • River Oaks

Houston Best Suburbs:

  • The Woodlands
  • Sugar Land
  • Richmond
  • Katy
  • Friendswood
  • Pearland
  • Clear Lake
  • League City
  • Richmond
  • Spring
  • Humble
  • Kingwood
  • Stafford
  • Cypress
  • Fulshear
  • Missouri city

10. Houston is a Delight for Families

Houston is a Delight for Families

Houston is a delight for people to raise a family. The city’s family-friendly environment and neighborhoods make it a safe place to raise kids. The reasonable cost of living, best healthcare facilities, top-class educational facilities, lush green parks, outdoors kid’s friendly activities, sports, high-end shopping stores, numerous food points and restaurants, and theatres, altogether provide an appealing and quality life to small and big families in Houston.

11. No Income Tax in Houston

If you are a working professional, moving or relocating to Houston, Texas, for a job or with family, then Houston is a place for you. There is no personal or corporate income tax in Houston, which means more savings in your bank. But that doesn’t mean it is a no-tax city; the city sales tax rate is approx. 8.25%.

No Income Tax in Houston

The Tax structure makes the city the best choice for businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs, and employees. The transparent Tax Structure in Houston gives leverage to many companies to expand and establish the foundation of their businesses.

The personal Tax policy in Houston ranks among the lowest compared to other places, thus attracting people from different backgrounds and cities to live and work.

12. Houston is a Hub of Many Fortunes Companies

Houston is a Hub of Many Fortunes Companies

Houston is a hub for more than 500 Fortune companies. Making it a perfect place for graduates to move for more job opportunities. The establishment of companies in the city has strengthened the economy, culture, and communities. The progressive work culture and industrial growth encourage the new skilled individuals from all over the country and provide a positive environment to invest in businesses.

This is the strongest point to move permanently or relocate to Houston for good career growth.

13. Houston Offers One of the Finest Healthcare Facility

Houston is a leader in the Healthcare Industry. Ask Houstonians about the best part of living in Houston, and you will hear them saying the quality of medical facilities. A Large number of Hospitals, organizations and healthcare centers provide world-class medical care to the Houstonians.

The Healthcare Industry also provide Jobs to medical science graduates, thus providing more employment opportunities in the city.

14. Be a Part of Cultural Diversity in Houston

Be a Part of Cultural Diversity in Houston

Houston is a home to different cultures, ethnicities, and communities. You’ll find people from different countries and cultures living in Houston and neighbourhoods. The blend of ethnic food, lifestyle, and clothing creates a stylish, peaceful and charismatic atmosphere that hosts people of different beliefs and regions in Houston.

The Joy of spending time with people in the workplace, parks, restaurants, and clubs of different descent is remarkable. Almost a quarter of the population in Houston is of Hispanic descent. You will spot people speaking other languages at home other than English, making Houston the linguistically most diverse city in Texas. This vibrant cultural diversity makes it a perfect place to live both for singles and families.

15. There are Hundreds of Activities to do in Houston

A unique blend of Houston’s traditional and modern city lifestyle can be tempting for many people planning to move to Houston. You can go many places with families and friends and can do and see many things that you hardly witness in any other cities in Texas. You can visit 365 things To Do in Houston, an informative source to know about Houston’s events.

List of the Event Places for All Ages:

  • Museum
  • Theater District
  • The Galleria
  • Underground Tunnel

List of places for Kids’ Activities:

  • Space Center Houston
  • Downtown Aquarium
  • Houston Zoo
  • Children’s Museum

List of Sports & Athletics in Houston

  • Professional Teams
  • College Sports
  • High School Sports
  • Houston’s Astrodome
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

16. Houstonians Strong Spirit

The city is so rich and offers too much quality living even though the people of Houston withstood the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and have recovered strongly from the economic recession. Regardless of many hurdles, the city spirit remains high that list Houston among the top cities to live with family. The Strong, resilient, and supportive nature of Houstonians towards each other is what makes this city the perfect place to call home.

Are you planning to relocate to Houston with your family? Are you interested in buying a home or discovering if Houston is for you? Contact Jay Thomas – One of the best real estate brokers to work for in Houston, TX.

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