Secure Your Real Estate Investment: 2023 Recession-Proof Housing Market

  • Mar 22, 2023
  • Real Estate
Real Estate Investment

The Real Estate market is a tricky landscape to navigate, especially in times of economic decline. In our current climate, it’s important now more than ever to be wary of where you invest and make sure that your Real Estate investments are secure during any possible economic downturns. That's why we’re here today to talk about the top 5 recession-proof housing markets for 2023.

Topping out at number one on this list is Houston, Texas. The Real Estate market in Houston has consistently been booming for over a decade now due largely in part to the diverse economy and infrastructure found within the city itself. What makes it especially attractive as an investment option is its strong job market, which should stay steady despite any economic downturns.

  • Next up we have Seattle, Washington. Real Estate in the Emerald City has surged recently due to tech giant Amazon’s presence and resulting influx of jobs into the city limits. With a thriving economy and some of the most beautiful scenery you can find anywhere in the country, it’s no wonder why Real Estate investors are flocking to Seattle for their next big Real Estate project.
  • Number three on our list is San Francisco, California. The Real Estate market in this city has been relatively stable throughout recent years, with more people looking to call San Francisco home each year. And with its access to world-class restaurants and vibrant culture, it truly provides something for everyone who lives there.
  • Fourth on our list is Austin, Texas. Real Estate in the Lone Star State’s capital has been steadily increasing over the past few years due to its booming tech and start-up scene. With plenty of job opportunities and a great cost of living, it’s easy to see why Real Estate investors are so eager to invest in this city. 

Finally, we have Denver, Colorado coming in at number five on our list. Real Estate in the Mile High City has been gaining momentum recently due to its location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and close proximity to some major ski resorts. Coupled with its mild climate throughout most of the year, it’s no wonder why Real Estate investors are seeing their investments in Denver steadily increase. 

So there you have it, our top 5 Real Estate markets for 2023 that are more likely to stay recession-proof even in times of economic decline. Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin and Denver all offer something special and unique that Real Estate investors would be wise to consider before investing elsewhere. So if you’re looking to secure your Real Estate investment this coming year, make sure to keep these five cities on your radar! 

I'm Jay Thomas, a REALTOR in Houston, Texas. Chances are you and I share a similar passion, Real Estate! I also have a passion for building businesses, working out, inspiring others, technology, sports, and people. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram!


Hello! I'm Jay Thomas, A REALTOR in Houston, Texas. Chances are you and I share a similar passion, Real Estate! I also have a passion for building businesses, working out, inspiring others, technology, sports, and people. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram!

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