How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Houston, TX?

  • Aug 16, 2022
  • Real Estate
Real estate agent in Houston Texas

Table of Content

  1. Experience and market reputation do matter
  2. Check the services being offered
  3. Ensure they know about the properties well
  4. Maintain the communication clearly
  5. Ask about the commission or fees
  6. Go for an agent with a diverse network
  7. Check the license and certifications

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Houston, TX?

With the increasing population in Houston, the real estate industry has witnessed a whopping growth in the past decade. Whether it be the villas and condominiums at the city's heart or the houses in a quaint community, the market is brimming with several properties. To handle the influx of people looking for residences, a plethora of real estate companies have become active.

This has made finding the best real estate agent in Houston, Texas, difficult and cumbersome. One slip might land you in a jeopardised deal done in bad faith. In addition, the property valuation might not be at par with the market. Bearing this in mind, we have shed light on some of the top factors you must consider prior to choosing a real estate agent.

Experience and market reputation do matter

Often people tend to ignore the experience a real estate agent in Houston Texas has gained. While it might not be an important factor in some cases, neglecting it completely might jeopardise you, especially if you are new to the community. 

Similarly, if you do not consider the market reputation, you may have to suffer from the consequences of a deal made in bad faith. Therefore, your primary judging factors will be two to three years of market experience and a well-established reputation. 

Check the services being offered

To find the best real estate in Houston, you should take some time out and check the services offered. While the main job of the professional is to help you find the best property in your preferred location and negotiate the deal, there are other functions. 

For instance, the real estate agent is sometimes licensed as a solicitor who will help you process the property inspection. Similarly, if you wish to take a mortgage loan, you should check if your chosen real estate agent can offer you the same purpose or not. 

Ensure they know about the properties well

If the chosen real estate agent is not aware of the properties or the concerning area, it won't be possible for you to decide whether or not the location is ideal for you. This will lead to two consequences — either you may choose the worst property or miss a lucrative deal because the agent cannot provide you with the information.

So, you must check if the concerned professional is knowledgeable enough or not. The person must have ideas about the interior and exterior of the properties, the crime rates in the areas, recreational and eateries, etc. 

Maintain the communication clearly

When you want to work with the best real estate agent in Houston, you must check if the person is readily available or not. Although you cannot expect the person to focus on your deal 24/7, the person should at least take your calls, be there while negotiating with the seller, and so on. 

Apart from this, the person should also help you and clarify all your doubts at the earliest opportunity. They must keep you in the discussion loop, either with the seller or the real estate agent from the seller's side. If the communication is not clear, there is no way the deal will be completed successfully. 

Ask about the commission or fees

While you will find several low commission real estate agents, asking them about the commission break up and the fees they will charge is better. Fees will be charged for almost all services, even if you have a consultation. You need to pay the commission when the deal is completed, and you have the property's ownership or the rental agreement is approved.

If you do not discuss the charges and the commissions, you may have to pay more than expected. Apart from this, not all agents charge the same commission. Therefore, you must not sign up for a deal that will empty your pockets or those offering unbelievably low rates.

Go for an agent with a diverse network

Another important factor you need to consider while finding a real estate agent in Houston, Texas, is their network. The person needs to have a good network with solicitors, other agents, inspectors, etc.

The wider the network, the better options you will have. If the person only has limited knowledge of a certain area, you will have to look for another realtor agent if you want to buy the property in another community.

Check the license and certifications

Lastly, you must check if the concerned real estate agent is licensed or not. If the person is yet to receive the license or has an expired one, it is better not to go with such a professional.

Apart from this, you must also ask for their certifications. For instance, when you want penthouses in the business areas of Houston, only high-level certified estate agents can help you. 


Finding the best real estate agent in Houston might not be easy for you, but with the guide, we have explained above, you shouldn't have any further problems. Therefore, do your homework and collaborate with a professional who will help you find your dream house and seal the deal easily.

Hello! I'm Jay Thomas, A REALTOR in Houston, Texas. Chances are you and I share a similar passion, Real Estate! I also have a passion for building businesses, working out, inspiring others, technology, sports, and people. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram!

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