Rebate Realtor Houston Texas

Get up to 1.5% of The Sales Price back at the Closing!

Add more happiness to your new home purchase with our rebate program. The Jay Thomas Real Estate Team encourages relocating buyers, first-time buyers, and second-home buyers by giving back 50% of the real estate rebate. This credit could be thousands of dollars in a big transaction making your purchase more affordable. 

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Protect 50% Commission Rebate – Know the other benefits

  • We will show you the maximum properties in the area, even those not listed online.
  • We will inform you about the home buying process with us.
  • We will check and process all the paperwork, including guiding you on how to get preapproved for a mortgage.
  • We will refer you to trusted professionals like a mortgage lender, real estate attorney, insurance company, insurance agent, title and escrow experts, home inspector, etc.
  • We will negotiate on your behalf.
  • We will inform all parties involved in the transaction about our 50% rebate offering.
  • We get paid 100%, and that's how we share 50% of our earned commission.
  • Get this 50% rebate adjusted at the closing cost of the home transaction.


Rebate realtor is the term used for a realtor or typically a buyer’s agent in real estate who refunds a percentage of their earned commission to the buyer after the home is sold. This refund can be made in different forms, so it’s advisable to ask your agent what their policy is.

A rebate in a property sale is the set amount or percentage offered to buyers by their agent from their earned commission when the property is purchased. The rebate is given in the form of a reduction or refund on the overall cost of the property. Talk to your agent about how much rebate they offer.

To get a home buyer rebate, first, you have to find the agent who offers the rebate on their earned commission. Secondly, you need to ask them how much rebate they offer and the policies involved. Rebates can vary from area to area, and sometimes brokerages that work with agents involved in the transaction also offer home buyer rebates.