Top 10 Best Low Commission Real Estate Agents (2022)

  • Sep 07, 2022
  • Real Estate
lowest commission real estate broker


It is without reasonable doubt that a person who wishes to buy or sell properties in real estate will first look out for agents or brokers with the lowest commission to maximize profit. 

Low-commission real estate companies offer the same services as regular real estate agents but charge a commission of less than 3%. In the US, a standard full-service listing agent costs the seller 3% of the sale price as compensation. A low-commission real estate company might, however, charge anywhere from 1% to 2%. But sometimes, finding trustworthy agents who have your interest at heart is quite tricky for most people, and that is why we have come up with this unbiased list to guide investors to make the best real estate decisions. This blog aims to make your real estate investing journey stress-free.

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1. Jay Thomas real estate Team

Jay Thomas Real Estate Team

If you're looking for a low-commission real estate broker in Houston, TX, this is the perfect team for you. They are a group of skilled real estate brokers with extensive knowledge of the Houston market. Compared to conventional real estate companies, they provide services for a far lower price. The Jay Thomas Real Estate Team works hard to secure the best possible offers for its customers. They can do this because they have developed connections with other industry experts, local and international companies, and other business professionals. They will get your home listed on the best Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) websites and will also offer a full-listing agent service for a 2% listing fee of the property's sale price, as opposed to the typical agent who charges 3% for a listing. Only 2% of the total 2% are charged while acting as the buyer’s agent to sell your home. From schedule showings and open houses to virtual tours, the team can assist you with all the help you require. They offer a 50% buyer rebate and there is no hidden cost, or no payment required until closing.

2. Houzeo


Being one of the biggest tech companies that offer MLS services in the US, Houzeo is entirely online, making the process of listing a home simple and quick. Houzeo is very particular about customer satisfaction; they even go the extra mile to provide you with additional data that is usually only entitled to agents. They have high-tech tools such as a closing cost calculator, which is available to buyers. Buyers can also arrange visits via the Houzeo smartphone app.

3. Redfin


Redfin is a renowned low-fee real estate brokerage with outstanding technological features and a powerful home search tool. They offer a huge discount on their listing fee to attract a high volume of customers. Redfin offers top-notch services for 50% less the price of other traditional real estate agencies. They have an excellent user-friendly platform that allows customers to navigate and manage their listings easily.

4. HomeLight


HomeLight is a real estate company that finds and connects buyers, sellers, and agents. They have a well-programmed algorithm that matches real estate agents based on data from over 100 sources. Unlike most agents, HomeLight does not require any service fee. They have a friendly interface on their website and are quite reliable for people who just moved to a particular location

5. Prevu


The great idea of Prevu was inspired by two friends who, out of frustration, could not bear the high fees real estate agents and companies charge and the incorrigible service they provide. Prevu operates in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Prevu provides services like property listing, MLS listing, 3D virtual tours, professional photography, contract consultation, open housing, shows, etc. They have professional agents to provide quality service. Fewer service charges and commission fees compared to traditional agencies. Prevu buyers earn two-thirds of the commission that Prevu collects from the seller. Buyers can estimate their monthly mortgage payments with Prevu's mortgage calculator. Only purchasers in NYC have access to the Closing Costs Calculator.

6. SimpleShowing


SimpleShowing is a real estate brokerage that advertises discounted listing fees for home sellers and a substantial rebate for buyers. Their sole aim is to make home-buying easier and affordable. They offer better services than most traditional brokers but charge a much lower fee. Buyers could earn rebates of up to 1% of the home price. SimpleShowing provides all the services that a traditional agent would, including making recommendations for suitable properties, drafting a contract, and managing negotiations. If you use SimpleShowing as your buyer agent, you will receive a closing cost refund equal to half of the buyer agent's compensation. You will be required to pay less at closing as a result of this.

7. Ideal Agent


The ideal agent is a real estate matching agency that connects home sellers and buyers with licensed agents within their location. They charge a 2% listing fee as their commission and claim to be the most renowned matching agency. The real estate agent will have your home photographed by experts and assist you in determining the list price. The agent will not only advertise your home but also help with negotiations and coordinate the closing. As Ideal Agent is primarily a seller-centric platform, it does not provide many services to buyers.
Buyers can hire an agent, but you must contact their customer service to schedule a call with the concierge. After completing the necessary steps, the agent will contact you to learn more about your needs.

8. Trelora


Trelora is a real estate brokerage in Denver that assists people ready to buy or sell their homes. They have a listing fee of 1.5% commission and reward buyers with a 50% rebate. Trelora offers services such as property listing, MLS listing, contract consultation, marketing, closing coordination, etc. As a mission-driven and focused company, they offer good rebates to buyers.

9. Redefy

Redefy is a discounted real estate brokerage. They focus on providing home sellers with discounted listing fees. They offer the same services as other traditional realtors but are less expensive. They provide a steep discount to home sellers. The listing fee is the same for all homes below one dollar. Therefore, the more expensive your home, the more money you will save than using an agency whose commission is percentage based. The Redefy agents will handle everything, from recommending pertinent homes to negotiating and closing.

10. Homie


Homie is a large real estate brokerage that started in 2015 in Utah. They offer listing services to sellers at a discount and give significant rebates to buyers. They have a fixed listing fee regardless of the property's price. Like most real estate companies, they reward their staff with a salary instead of the standard commission. Homie provides a rebate of between 1% and 1.5%, which the buyer can apply to closing fees. This only applies to properties bought from non-Homie buyers where the seller covers the buyer agent cost.

Things to look out for before choosing a real estate agent or broker

While most of us might be eager when we want to sell a home or even buy one, we do not wish to reencounter terrible and inconsiderate brokers as they will not only waste our time, but we may spend an alarming amount of money on meagre results. Let's look at a few tips before choosing a desired real estate agent.

  • Ask for recommendations: Experience – they say, is the best teacher – so it is better to seek advice from those who have purchased or sold a home before embarking on your journey. This gives you an insight into what to expect and how to deal with it.
  • Please do your research: Asking questions is good, but one cannot depend on information given to us by people. We must strive to dig deeper and gather enough data for ourselves before buying or selling our homes.
  • Choose a Reputable Broker: The internet has made it easy with the ranking and reviews it provides us. Before hiring their services, you can easily find core information on users’ previous experiences with particular companies. Select the one who best understands your real estate objectives.

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